AUTHORS – a little advice that WILL increase your Book Promotions reach.

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s important that you remember to DO IT.

When advertising your books, regardless of whether it’s a DEBUT, NEW RELEASE or FREEBIE from Amazon.

Give ALL the links!

If you are in UK – do not give the UK link ONLY.

If you are in USA do not give the USA link ONLY.

ETC, Etc, etc,…..

Todays world is GLOBAL, the readers of your advert are GLOBAL.

HOWEVER (there’s always one of those have you noticed?) not all of them know how to change the link to the one applicable to THEM.

Amazon try to help by referring the buyer to go to THEIR Country to purchase the book – but it’s not a failsafe system!

Sometimes you are met by a page FULL of books, sometimes by a ‘Go To (the Country Outlet) Home Page’ – then you have to type in the book title / author name and hope for the best.

How do you get the book in your own country?

Substitute the .com with ,or .ca, or, etc…

HOWEVER, (there’s that word again) this SOMETIMES DOES NOT WORK.


I don’t know.

SO – if you want potential Global Readers to get your book, then THINK GLOBALLY and provide ALL the links.


Seumas Gallacher sent out TWO posts HERE and HERE about his surprise at having his recent freebie downloaded in JAPAN and AUSTRALIA – a FIRST for those two countries.

HOW do you get these links?

Either get a third party to give you a global url link.


You can do what I do and go to the book in each of the countries shown at the bottom of every Amazon page, copy and either embed the resulting links into the Country Name you’ve listed under your book advert (recommended), or, show the full link as it is (but some will show the Amazon picture and some won’t).

Don’t forget to show a picture of your book cover as well, because the convenient cover picture that Amazon give you is no longer available if you list ALL the countries.


Little details CAN and DO make a difference.

PLUS, when you send bloggers (not just me) your articles, they’ll think you are WONDERFULLY organised.

Find ALL the links in ALL the countries for ALL your books and advertise ALL of them in order to reach EVERYONE in ALL the WORLD.


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33 thoughts on “AUTHORS – a little advice that WILL increase your Book Promotions reach.

  1. Excellent advice. Recently I discovered that I can’t actually look at any amazons other than .com or and occasionally, .ca. Otherwise, Amazon defaults me to the home page. I know I have to delete the right cookie but there are thousands on my computer and short of deleting the whole lot – and spending two or three days retyping the passwords into everything – there’s no obvious candidate. So I now use this service called Author to – there are others as well I know the UK kindle users has one – which allows you to post a single link to Amazon that will take everyone, wherever they are in the world, to their own home Amazon. Saves me trying to mess about with links that I can’t actually test.




  2. I must be misunderstanding what you said. I am not the most computer literate person. I spent yesterday trying to figure out embedding only to find out i can’t paste to my facebook page unless it’s on my author website which is owned by my publisher. Is there a way to do this on facebook without having it on website?


    • Hi Deborah, I notice on your FB page that you already have links to your book at
      If this is a sticky post (always stays at the top of your page), you may be able to edit it and add the other links for UK, Canada & Australia.
      If all else fails, ask your publisher to do it for you.



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