#Read about #Book Features – are they worth it? by #Author Linzé Brandon

In September last year, I offered my blog to debut authors to feature their work. Aside from being overwhelmed with requests – the features ran well into November – I have learned a few lessons from the experience too.

As a blogger, an author and generally a nice person (most of the time) I love books, and would like to see other writers get the same awesome experiences that I have had since publishing my first novel.

However, indie publishing is a tough job, and many people have yet to realise that.

Here are some stats:

  1. During October and November 2014, I featured eighteen books on my blog.

  2. For each and every book, I scheduled 4 tweets to my followers.

  3. I loaded 2 Facebook posts (one on my personal timeline and one on my page) for that 24 hr period after the book feature went live. My Facebook accounts automatically generate a tweet when I post to my timelines.

  4. My blog post automatically generates a post to Google+ and Goodreads.

  5. Featured books don’t lend themselves to a lot of comments on a blog, but one or two of the books did get some comments from people who have read the books.

  6. I don’t have a large blog following, so all the hit stats come via my social media accounts: 10k+ people across Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Goodreads.

  7. The number of blog hits ranged from 120 to over 800 hits per book.

My conclusions:

  1. The more the author did to help promote his or her book, the higher number of hits I saw on the featured book of the day.

  2. Two authors offered a single ebook giveaway. Those were the highest number of hits. The one book got over 500 hits, the other over 800. The others were significantly less.

  3. I didn’t keep detailed stats of every single book featured (maybe I should do that for future book features), but with more than 6,000 hits on my blog from across the globe, the potential exposure for each author should not be disregarded.

I have no indication on whether or not the author got more sales or not, but from these 18 books over these two months, thousands of people saw new books and became aware of more authors in various genres.

Shouldn’t you feature your book on the blogs supported by the Story Reading Ape?

Note from Linzé: I give preference to books of certain genres during specific months of the year, but all genres are welcome at all times. For more details please visit my blog and Fly the Broomstick for more exposure for your book in 2015.

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Linze’s Guest Post is HERE


23 thoughts on “#Read about #Book Features – are they worth it? by #Author Linzé Brandon

  1. It’s interesting to read these statistics and thoughts from another author who promotes authors. I’ve discovered the same results with my own blog and that very few of the authors I promote do much by way of sharing their own posts and promotion – but those who do generally receive a great deal more exposure for themselves, their book, the blog in general and the other authors I promote. As Linzé points out, running review and promotion blogs takes a lot of time to organize, set up and promote to our followers. It’s in the best interest to everyone if authors lend a hand and make a tough job that much easier, and more effective, in the long run. Thanks for posting, Linzé, and for all the support you give all bloggers and Indie authors, Mr. Ape!

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