Meet Guest Author Pete Anderson

Pete Anderson

As is true with many authors, we fall to erring on the side of not wanting to be immodest, and prefer to weave fanciful tales than to talking about ourselves too much, but apparently in the age of the internet, such evils are necessary. I am Pete, I live now in Maryland, moved here for a job transfer almost six years ago, for a company that no longer exists, Fashion Bug, my primary occupation is IS/IT systems engineering and support, and I have an interesting but varied life. I am the father of two, one who just became a teenager early in April, besides IT and writing, I also enjoy photography and have commercial postings on several websites, I enjoy biking with my children, computers, art, history, museums, autos, trains and airplanes. I’m a huge military history and hardware buff and think the greatest planes ever built were the P51, B29, B52 and F15. It is amazing how much the age of self-publishing has changed the landscape, but the proliferation of technology and “social media” ( I say in quotes because it gives you the ability to claim a thousand friends that one has never actually met), is I believe, in all actuality somewhat de-humanizing. I think if I could choose to live in another era, it would be in Renaissance Italy or perhaps as a Senator of the Roman Republic. Oh, that the histories and oratories of the ancient thinkers had been passed down to us in their entireties, and not lost in greater part, to wars of conquest and “religion”. What great secrets did the Library of Alexandria hold? Ever wonder, even just once?

I wrote my books, as many authors do, to amuse myself first, the first one was really just an interesting “what-if” which started as an off-the-wall concept and developed into a whole novel, with the middle as the first and the beginning and ending wrapped around later. When my marriage ended after fourteen years, I turned back to that first book which had lain hidden in my PCs hard drive for so long, and resurrected it, at first just to keep me busy but then with an eye turning towards commercial interests. Over 3000 downloads later, One if by Air ….. and the follow-ups are in the eBook and self-published platforms, neither of which really existed when I started writing in 1996.

I first attempted what everyone else does, contact publishers and editors and try to distinguish myself from the unwashed masses (all the other authors fighting for their fifteen minutes of fame and the three minutes eighteen seconds of free time that any publisher actually has). Then I ran across BookSurge and self-published, and then became a de-facto part of the Amazon empire when BookSurge was acquired.



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4 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Pete Anderson

  1. My father was a B24 radioman and tail gunner in WWII. He knew the P51! And yes, the loss of the Alexandria library was a major blow, I’m sure, to human knowledge, and later the one near Pompeii as well. Will the digital age prevent such a loss in the future? I wonder, since my flash drives stop communicating with my computer after awhile, and I know someday the cloud will fall from the sky. As an IT person, what do you think? I like your varied interests, and sympathize with your finding yourself swallowed up by Amazon.


  2. I’m sure you are spot on saying writers would rather write than talk about themselves. I wholeheartedly agree with this and at first hated the fact that in order to promote our book/art or whatever, we first have to promote ourselves. However, after creating a blog site and quite a few posts on, I am becoming okay with talking about myself. See, I’m doing it now on your spot, ha ha. Seriously, I’m very pleased to meet you and hope you do well with your book. Introducing new authors is a great service provided by TSRA.

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