Meet Guest Author Leisel Kurtenbach


Leisel 01First, to introduce myself- My name is Leisel (I go by that name only), and the book I’d like to promote is ‘Fourth Reich Reborn’. My story is on my website, but quickly it’s that I have been writing since 7th grade. I grew up in Denver, Co. and I married a great man. Unfortunately, I had a tumour in my brain that eventually caused a stroke. My whole world fell apart including my marriage. I realized that I could do one of two things-either I could give up or try to stand up on my own and make a success of my life. I went back to school and got my degree in Mortuary Science and back once more to study History and English and became a High School teacher. I finally realized that I was happiest when I was writing stories (which I always have loved), and started writing my first one, ‘Fourth Reich Reborn’. This was my first story written even though it was my fourth one published (I had some work I wanted to finish on this particular story).FR

First question – Why I wanted to write this book. My first love was with a Jewish man, which I have always cherished. I learned about the Jewish faith and had always wanted to write a story with a man of Jewish faith-it seemed so rich and steeped in History. Secondly, I married a German man, in fact he was the first one in his family that was born in the U.S. His mother told me stories about the war, in which she existed and remembered all to well, and It seemed to be Karma that these two factions came together in my life-and I had to write a story that had WWII somewhere in the background.

Leisel 02Second question -What I did to get it published was that one day after trying to get the story sold, (I had an agent) I decided to write it down and publish it myself-and that’s what I did. Remember I said that I could give up or stand on my own two feet? I did.

Third question – Details- my short book synopsis is below-  but I will say that while writing the story the new ending just came to me in a dream. It was a question of how did I want ‘Fourth Reich Reborn’ to be remembered, not how ‘I’ remembered the people in my life- and so I put Dr. Agmon Levy in a treacherous way, and tried to remember that he  was only a character, and the character’s often do what they do- which is not what they do in real life. I was uncertain if I wanted to publish it this way-but after considerable soul searching I realized that it was the most dramatic way to end the book.

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  1. Thanks for your replies-I appreciate them so much:) The terrific artwork was done by the locally famous Laura Johnson, who also has two Children’s books-The Adventures of Fluffy Johnson series!



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