Meet Guest Author Mary J. Schiller


Mary SchillerFirst of all I’d like to thank Chris for offering the opportunity to authors to introduce themselves. My name is M.J. Schiller and I write a combination of rock romance, romantic suspense, and contemporary romance. For my day job, I am a lunch lady, which is the perfect job for me. I get to work with kids, and take a nap before my own crew gets home. I have a nineteen-year-old daughter and seventeen-year-old triplets (boy, boy, girl). I’ve been blissfully married for over twenty-five years and have a secret passion for karaoke.

TrappedUnderIceI have been a writer since I could put a sentence together. I was a big reader as a child, so I think that children’s literature started me on my path. That, and my dad was a fantastic storyteller. He used to make up all kinds of stories for us when we were young. For instance, when he combed our hair after a bath, he would name the tangles. There was Tina Tangle, and Tommy Tangle…and they would carry on so when they were combed out!

upon-a-midnight-clearI write in the nooks and crannies of the day. The hour between work, and when my kids get home from school, the fifteen minutes before I leave the house in the morning, while dinner’s cooking… I write in fast food joints while waiting for my kids’ practice, game, doctor’s appointment, while getting the oil changed in my van…

the-heart-teaches-bestIf I could have any super power, I think it would be the power of reach as I have unusually short arms and childlike hands. Hobbies? Pretty much just karaoke. Oh, I also like to listen to live music, and dance (I’m not very good at it, though). I’ve decided that you shouldn’t let lack of talent stand in your way when it comes to singing and dancing because it is just such a kick! It’s a release for me from everyday stressors. You just sort of lose yourself to the music.

taken-by-stormSo my love of music naturally led to my ROCKING ROMANCE COLLECTION:TRAPPED UNDER ICE, ABANDON ALL HOPE, BETWEEN ROCK AND A HARD PLACE, and ROCK ME, GENTLY. I also have a REAL ROMANCE COLLECTION which doesn’t have any musical rock stars, but has rock star teachers, police officers, paramedics, waitresses, construction workers, etc. (UPON A MIDNIGHT CLEAR and THE HEART TEACHES BEST). And finally there is my ROMANTIC REALMSCOLLECTION, which stars someone of a royal nature, princess or prince, in diverse settings. TAKEN BY STORM is about a prince in a fictional city of Avistad which resembles ancient Persia. AN UNCOMMON LOVE is about a princess and a blacksmith. And later this year I’m bringing out a series with a princess from a futuristic planet!


If you want to find out more, you can find me at my:


Barnes & NobleKoboiTunes

And there you have it! That’s M.J. in a nut shell. Thanks again, Chris!






11 thoughts on “Meet Guest Author Mary J. Schiller

  1. I love karaoke as well. If I could sing it would make it so much better! I love reading these author posts, there are so many interesting writers out there 😀


    • So much fun! People always say, “I can’t believe you get up there and do that!” and neither can I. But when I saw people getting up there and having fun, even though they weren’t the best singers, I forced myself to try it. Then I was hooked! Thanks for joining us today, Topaz!



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