Author J.P. Reedman

J.P. ReedmanDo you like your Fantasy interwoven with Historical Fiction, as in King Arthur type tales?

Then J.P. Reedman is the author for you….She has two books published so far:

The ‘Sword of Tulkar’ is an Anthology of Historical Fantasy set in the British Bronze Age. It contains 2 short stories and 10 poems. The lead story, ‘Sword of Tulkar’, is the tale of a young woman living at the end of the bronze age, a time of social change and upheaval, but she is far from being helpless….


‘Stone Lord: The Legend of King Arthur, The Era of Stonehenge’ 

With totems of power and an ancestral sword from the depths of the sacred lake, Ardhu Pendraeg assumes the mantle of the Stone Lord, ruler of the Great Trilithon, protector of ancient Britain… A retelling of the Arthurian legends that seeks out their oldest roots in the bronze age, the era of Stonehenge. currently working on a sequel called ‘Moon Lord: The Legend of King Arthur’

So if you’d like to know more, sharpen your sword, fill your quiver with arrows, make sure you have plenty of bowstrings and cross the moat to her website by clicking her following links:

Website Authors Page Authors Page



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