Author Victoria Zigler

Victoria ZiglerThe author I’d like to introduce you to today is Victoria Zigler, who is both a poet and an author of several children’s books.

Although Victoria has battled with Glaucoma since birth, and is now completely blind, that doesn’t stop her from writing!  She types the stories herself and a screen reader tells her what she has written!

The list of her books is impressive, including, but not limited to, the following:

The Magical Chapters Trilogy:’ Witchlet’, ‘The Pinapple loving Dragon’ & ‘A Magical Storm’

Toby’s Tales: ‘Toby’s New World’, ‘Toby’s Monsters’, ‘Toby’s Outing’, ‘Toby’s Games’ & ‘Toby’s Special School’

Non-Series books: ‘Frank The Friendly Ogre’, ‘Mr Pumpkin-Head and other poems’,’My Friends of Fur and Feather’, ‘Bluebell The Fairy Guide’ & ‘The Light of Dawn and Other Poems’.

To find out what she is up to now, pop along to Victoria’s website; and take your kid’s with you, you’ll all be welcome, but be warned, only ONE of her books may not be enough to satisfy your little ones 🙂

Find Victoria also at:



Facebook Timeline

Facebook Authors Page



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