Author Adam Light

Adam LightHow about another teller of Horror Stories that will scare your socks off (his words)…

He certainly seems to do a good job with the stories I’ve read so far….What was that noise…Don’t go away…Don’t leave yet…Stay a while longer…until daytime comes back at least…

Get your goosebumps reading:

‘Gone’, Way out of here’, ‘Vengeance by the Foot’, ‘TAKEN’, ‘The Continuance Agency (The Continuance Saga Volume 1’, ‘Belly Button Window’, ‘Jack and Dianne’, ‘The Corpus Corruptum’ and ‘Screamscapes’.

Now, once you’ve stopped trembling, click on this link to visit him at his blog at Goodreads


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6 thoughts on “Author Adam Light

  1. I love horror! Thanks for sharing this. And thank you much for being a fellow crime watcher! I hope you enjoy what you read over at the literary lawyer as much as I’ve enjoyed your Ape’s Blog –



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