How to Use Irony in Writing

Nicholas is BACK, and celebrates with a great post 😃

Nicholas C. Rossis

After my host’s sudden passing back in January, I spent a couple of months moving over 100 clients to our new ISP – without any passwords that would let me do so in a seamless way. What ensued was a Sisyphean task of convincing various ISPs to share with me the necessary information and help me move all those websites. With that nightmare finally over, I’m back on my blog. To celebrate, I have a very special post for you that discusses irony in writing. I hope you enjoy it!

Types of Irony in Writing

Irony is not an obscure grammar term. In fact, many Internet memes count on it, such as the photo of a stone with the words “nothing is written in stone” written on it, or a bird sitting on a sign that says, “birds are not real.” These are visual displays of irony that make us…

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