How to Make a Book Marketing Plan – by Clayton Noblit…

on Written Word Media:

“Marketing my book is the hardest part of being an author.”. This is something we hear all the time from authors, and the sentiment is a resounding theme in our annual author survey. Regardless of how long you’ve been an author for, how many books you have published, or how much you earn from your books, more likely than not, marketing is the thorn in your side.

It’s not surprising that marketing has such a bad reputation among indies. It’s rare that someone writes a book with the express purpose of becoming a marketer after publishing. Yet when you’re an indie author, that’s exactly what happens.

“I have written a book, and now I must become a commercial for the book I have written. What is the point of being a writer if I have to say words about the words I’ve already written? Do painters have to draw about their paintings?”

― Glennon Doyle, Untamed

Another thing that makes marketing a challenge is that it’s not exactly easy. There’s always a new hot tactic to try out, a new social media platform to post on, and another author who seems to just be doing it better than you.

Combine the challenges that marketers of all industries face with the fact that you’d rather be writing than optimizing your Facebook Ads, and we’ve got a real recipe for frustration.

Fear not reluctant book marketer! In this post we will explain how to fix book marketing with a marketing plan template that will have you knowing what to do and when, and focused on doing the things that work for you as an individual. Let’s dive in!

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