Purple Prose – What It Is And How to Avoid It – by Jackie Pearce…

on The Write Life:

Although purple prose sounds pretty and like a way you would want your writing described, it’s actually not a good thing to have your writing described this way.

If someone calls your writing purple prose, essentially they’re calling it flowery. Meaning, they think it’s too wordy, formal or trying too hard to be poetic.

Although there are some genres and authors who think purple prose is a badge of honor as a writer, we’ll let you decide that for yourself.

In this article, we’ll dive into what purple prose is, where it comes from in history, take a look at some examples, and ultimately go over how to avoid it as a writer.

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2 thoughts on “Purple Prose – What It Is And How to Avoid It – by Jackie Pearce…

  1. No place for comments on the original post, so… It seems silly to speak against “purple prose” while also saying this:
    “Purple prose is writing that is too formal, poetic, or wordy. It’s when too many adjectives, adverbs, and metaphors are used to describe things.
    Generally, there is not a specific rule about what is or is not purple prose, it’s more of a, ‘You know it when you see it’ kind of thing.”
    And then adding that it’s “subjective.”
    😀 😉

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