Writing the End – Part III

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Greetings Storytellers! For a couple of months now, we’ve been exploring the topic of endings and how important they are to creating a satisfying and lasting impression of our books. If you want to catch up on previous posts, here they are:

Part One – Why endings are critical to success.

Part Two – The first four common ways to end a story.

There are 8 common ways to end a story.

Endings covered in the last post (1-4):

  • Resolved Ending
  • Unresolved Ending
  • Ambiguous Ending
  • Surprise Ending

Endings we’ll dive into today (5-8):

  • Tie-back Ending
  • Altered World Ending
  • Altered Character Ending
  • The Epilog

As mentioned in the last post, not all types of endings are mutually exclusive, and the goal isn’t to pick one kind of ending and force your story to conform. Instead, it’s to focus on what you want to emphasize as the most important element of your…

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