Social Media: Is it Time to Cut Yourself Some Slack?

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Hi, SEers! Welcome to the first Mae Day post of 2023. I hope your holidays were spent with loved ones and filled with good cheer! Yes, it’s a New Year, and you know what that means—resolutions, right?

Let’s not go there—because seriously—how many resolutions are actually kept? Cut yourself some slack with a kinder ideology like intended changes, accomplishments you’d like to pursue, and random goals. No pressure, but it’s nice to plan for change, especially when change can benefit you in the long run.

More and more I’m reading about people abandoning social media. From celebrities to indie authors, to family and friends. I’m not suggesting that in the least, but I have come to the realization it’s simply impossible to maintain a presence across numerous platforms.

You’ve seen this discussion before, maybe even blogged about it yourself, and certainly weighed in with thoughts to others. Well, it’s a…

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