10 Signs Your Plot is Weak (And How to Fix it) – by September Fawkes…

Weak plots are surprisingly common in unpublished writing. But if you can’t identity that your plot is weak, then you have no chance to fix it. And of course, once you do identify that it is weak, you may have no idea how to fix it.

I’ve been teaching about plot a lot the last few months, and I have shared before how as a “young” writer, I had some major struggles with plot.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find resources that taught me about it in a way that clicked with me. I got it, but then, I didn’t really get it. As a result I have literally experienced nearly all of the signs listed in this article at some point or another. So if you experience any of them, never fear–though it took a lot of study and time for me to be able to identify these signs and learn how to strengthen plot, I did it. And you can too. (And hopefully for you, I’ll be able to help cut down the time.)

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