What is Anthropomorphism?

Legends of Windemere


Anthropomorphism is when you put human traits on an animal or non-living object.  This can be physical, mental, and emotional.  Sounds very much like personification, right?  It’s why the two get mixed up so often.  We’ll compare them on Friday though.  Gotta leave you wanting more.

We see anthropomorphism in a lot of fiction, especially cartoons.  Thundercats, Disney movies, Looney Tunes, and everything with an animal or object that is acting like a human would fall under this category.  It isn’t that they are given traits to make them more colorful in terms of description.  They legitimately have these abilities such as walking on two legs, talking, and even wearing clothes.  It’s not pretend, but really happening in the story.  That is what makes it anthropomorphism.

Physical changes can be made to the animals and objects as well, but it’s usually with the former category.  Look at the Thundercats up…

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