6 Ways Your Author Bio Can Help You Sell Books – by Ruth Harris…

on Anne R Allen:

The book you poured your heart into languishes on your hard drive like the wallflower at the dance — slumped shoulders, wilted corsage and all.

Your crit group tries to be encouraging, but the message is clear. Go to plumbing school/welding school where you will learn how to do something people actually need. Or maybe go to beauty school and learn how to create a great hairstyle. Which grateful clients will actually pay you for — and add a generous tip.

Right now, your ego is crushed under an avalanche of rejections.

Or, even worse, non-responses from the agents, publishers, writing contests you’ve been entering.

Nothing you try works.

No one is interested in your memoir about your experiences as James Bond’s Number One fan.


  • The time you won a tap dancing contest in the sixth grade.
  • Your 200K word epic fantasy.
  • That steamy, scorching hot romance.
  • Your sensitive, coming-of-age novel.

No wonder you don’t feel like an author.


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