The 979 Y2K Problem for ISBNs: New ISBNs not accepted fully by Amazon – by Darcy Pattison…

on Indie Kids Books:

Do you remember Y2K? When the century turned from 1900 to 2000, computer programs were in trouble. For many programs, the date had been programmed as 19__ and there was no easy way to re-program it to 20__ or just ____. The book industry is having its own version of a computer programming meltdown.

ISBN – International Standard Book Number

The ISBN is a unique identifying number assigned to a book title/format. That is, each format—hardcover, picture book, ebook, audiobook—needs its own identifying number. The number is tied to both the title and format.

About fifteen years ago, the 10-digit numbers that had been used since the inception of ISBNs was becoming too full. To alleviate this, the industry converted to 13-digit numbers, starting with 978. But they warned that when that series of numbers was used up, they’d move on to 979 and other series.

The problem?

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9 thoughts on “The 979 Y2K Problem for ISBNs: New ISBNs not accepted fully by Amazon – by Darcy Pattison…

  1. It’s even better than that – the Authors’ LIcensing and Collecting Society (another private company doing government work and syphoning off salaries, pensions and expenses for themselves) – don’t recognise 979 ISBNs either. It’s just not possible to register any recent (as in past few years) book with them. It’s either pure bare-faced incompetence or evidence that the stated business of these organisations is not the actual business that they are pursuing.

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