How the Written Universe Works – the Physics of Magic part 2, Empaths #amwriting

Life in the Realm of Fantasy

Our universe is a mysterious, stunning place. One conundrum that has occupied scientists for decades is the observable fact that our universe has more matter and energy than it should.

Wikipedia says: Inphysical cosmologyandastronomy,dark energyis an unknown form ofenergythat affects theuniverseon the largest scales. The first observational evidence for its existence came from measurements ofsupernovas, which showed that the universe does not expand at a constant rate; rather, theuniverse’s expansionisaccelerating. [1]

How the written universe works - empathy1In other words, something we can’t see or measure is out there, shaping our known universe. For lack of a better term, scientists refer to it as “dark matter” and “dark energy.”

In some fantasy universes, empathic magic is an unseen, unmeasurable force that enables healing, foresight, mindreading, and possibly, gifts of prophecy. We can’t see or measure it, but how we write it affects…

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