How Writers Can Turn the Page This Spring – by Angela Ackerman…

on Writers Helping Writers:

We all may write different things, but i’m betting we have one thing in common – a writing process. We sit down, favorite writing tools at the ready. Maybe we light a candle, put on a soundtrack, read an inspirational message taped to the monitor or some other ritual, all because we know that certain things put us in a better frame of mind to create.

For writers, mindset is everything. It can’t be understated – having a positive attitude and strong self-belief keeps us focused and motivated. It sustains us during the long road to a publish-ready story.Writing is hard work, and unfortunately life doesn’t always make it easy. Hardship and strain can sap our energy, and with everything going on in the world today following on the heels of a difficult past two years, many are reaching our limits as to what they can manage.

So when our mental tank is empty, how do we get to a place where we’re excited to write?

This is where there’s good news for anyone living in the Northern Hemisphere because it’s now spring, and whether we consciously think about it or not, the seasons impact our mood and mindset. We make certain associations with each season, and in spring, these associations can be leveraged to boost our energy levels, creativity, and outlook.

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