Should you use volunteers to proofread your book? – by Lisa Poisso…

What if you skipped paying for a professional editor and crowdsourced your editing instead? Or what about your neighbor who’s a retired English teacher? She says she’d only charge $200 to edit the entire book, and you know how sharp she is based on painful experience.

Couldn’t you save big money with crowdsourced editing? You could—but you wouldn’t be getting the kind of professional editing that turns out a professional-quality book.

Professional editors spend their days doing more than crossing t’s and dotting i’s. They’re immersed in publishing style and usage, conventions and trends within genres, e-publishing processes and standards, book marketing and sales trends, the shifting conventions of fiction, typographical issues, and more.

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10 thoughts on “Should you use volunteers to proofread your book? – by Lisa Poisso…

  1. The basic problem here is that self-published authors need to fork out much money to pay a professional editor, a cover designer, a formatter and a marketing manager. However, because the books are self-published, even if they are all-singing and all-dancing they will never sell in the quantities needed to recoup losses and make a profit.

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