Plottr Review (2021 Pros and Cons) – by P.J McNulty…

on Self Publishing:

Can Plottr help you plan better fiction stories?

While there’s no denying that a great plot is essential for successful fiction, there are multiple ways to come up with one.

Some authors outline their work in granular detail, breaking down their story into chapters, scenes, and even moments within scenes. Their actual writing process involves fleshing out an incredibly detailed story skeleton they already have.

Other writers are advocates for an approach known as pantsing. They might have a few key story details in mind at the start, but they largely develop their plot as they write. Stephen King likens this approach to gradually excavating dinosaur bones and discovering their shape as you go.

If you’re a believer in plotting your story in advance, to whatever extent, then you should read this full Plottr review and discover what Plottr does and whether it could help your planning process.

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