How to spot common red flags in phishing emails – Written By Tim

Many thanks to Tim and AJ for this information and advice ūüĎć

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You clicked the link in the email to reset your online banking password. But are you really sure that the bank security team sent that email? Too late. You just fell for a phishing email scam, and now your account data is compromised. 

However, most phishing emails contain glaring red flags. You just didn‚Äôt spot them in time‚ÄĒbut you can learn how to. Sometimes it‚Äôs still the most obvious tricks that catch people out, and phishing emails are a common example.

What exactly is phishing?

Phishing is a type ofsocial engineeringdesigned to manipulate you into giving up sensitive personal information like your passwords, credit card, or bank details, or installing malicious software on your device.

Phishing uses communication‚ÄĒusually in the form of emails ortext messages‚ÄĒpretending to be from someone you trust, such as a company whose services you use. This is why you are willing to‚Ķ

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