Strategies for Getting Published as an Independent Writer – by Jori Hamilton…

on Digital Pubbing:

Going with a publishing house may offer the ability to get in front of a larger crowd, but at what cost? If your story is mangled by editors and publisher demands on the way to publication, the final product can end up completely different than the book you set out to write.

Self-publishing offers an alternative that, while less splashy, allows you, the author, to remain in the driver’s seat. You’re able to control the narrative of both your book and your publishing experience.

The good news is that self-publishing has never been easier thanks to the powers of the internet. The e-commerce market has opened up the doors for quality writers to have their voices heard without the filter of a publisher in between.

If you’re thinking of going the self-pub route, here is a quick overview of some strategies that you should consider.

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