How to Write Conflict without “Bad Guys” – by Angela Ackerman…

on Jami Gold site:

A common piece of advice is to include some type of conflict on every page. For new writers, that advice might bring to mind scenes of characters fighting, but the truth of what counts as conflict is much broader than that. We’ve talked many times about different styles of conflict, from antagonists vs. villains to characters’ external vs. internal arcs.

Conflict is what creates the story and not just a tale of “she wanted X and she got it. The End.” Why does it take them pages and pages to reach their goals or fulfill their desires? (Assuming they do succeed and we’re not writing a tragedy.) Whatever those obstacles standing in the way of their goals are, that’s conflict.

However, it’s often still easier for us to think of conflict in the context of villains or “bad guys,” as that type of conflict feels more immediate and tangible. But it can also force the focus onto the plot and not our characters.

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