THE HAT Series – Guest Post by Craig Boyack…

I’ve read and enjoyed several of Craig’s books, my favourite so far is The Cock of the South – about which my review states: 

Alkon’s nut! Somebody lend me a pocket knife, I need to cut out and use a few phrases from this tale about a smart guy, by golly.
I thoroughly enjoyed this story set in Remesian Times (think Roman, but where Remus kills his brother Romulus).
Dwarves, Cockatrices, plus many more mythological beings (I refuse to call them creatures) live.
Humour, pathos, action and the worth of a good attitude appear throughout.

Happily, I’ve got more of his books (including some of The Hat series) on my TBR stack to look forward to.


Thanks for having me back, Chris. Im trying something new with a series promo. Since its the Halloween season, what better time to promote The Hat Series. This is a kind of paranormal superhero story. The hero part involves two, well, let’s call them people even if that’s only half true.

At its core, these are buddy stories. Take two characters who are vastly different, then force them to work together. One is a modern California girl living in the Midwest. The other is thousands of years old and has seen everything firsthand. You can imagine he might be a bit more conservative. Theres automatic tension involved and I went out of my way to pick at that.

Hes conservative male, shes more liberal female. Hes never been exposed to the electronic revolution, but she grew up in it. There are times when he has the edge, but there are times when this is flipped. The problem is they can do nothing special without each other. Oddly enough, its music that brought them together. That, and a cause.

This first book is the origin story. The main characters meet for the first time, then team up to chase a group of baby snatchers.

There are monsters in this tale, but in more of a secondary role. Lizzie is new to all this, and criminals were an easier way for the hat to introduce her to this lifestyle. As the series goes on, monsters take the main antagonist roles.

Book one: The Hat, is just finishing up some free days.

If anyone wants a copy it would be best to grab it today.

If you enjoy it, there are more volumes available, and even more on the way.

Universal link for the series:


The Hat Series is my opportunity to have a little fun, and readers seem to be enjoying themselves, too. The series fits into a variety of pigeonholes as all stories do. If youre looking for supernatural, paranormal, or urban fantasy, with a dose of dark humor, this might be the series youre looking for.

Lizzie St. Laurent is a hard working twenty-something. Shes struggling with the issues of being a young adult, but also dealing with the supernatural world. After her grandmother died, she tried to get a memento from the estate. Her greedy uncle refused to share, so in desperation, she stole a box from the moving van.

Her treasure turned out to be an old hat that belonged to her grandfather. Not exactly the knickknack she was hoping for. This isnt any ordinary hat. Hes actually a being from another dimension who was brought here by witchcraft. He has a few magical skills, but also some more ordinary ones. He can transport her to a cabin, deep in the forest, among other things. A bit more ordinary is his ability to play the upright bass, but only if he has a human host to manipulate. Hes also a shapeshifter, but is limited to always being a hat of some kind.

The hat has been in Lizzies family for centuries, and all of his partners have been monster hunters. Their symbiotic relationship also created an additional income stream for Lizzie. They formed a small cover band, which tends gets them out at night when monster hunting is more productive.

I put all kinds of strange things into these stories to make them fun. My section breaks have all been replaced with a series of bass clefs. I also include silly graphics in various locations to enhance the tales. Youll find tons of snark mixed in with your blood and adventure.

These are short novels, designed for a single afternoon. While it is a series, they can be read as stand-alone tales. If one of the other volumes is your entry-point, I dont think youll feel lost.

If this sounds like something to make your October complete, Id appreciate you checking it out.

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