How a book goes from acquisitions to bookstore shelves – by Christine Pride…

on Nathan Bransford:

Hello writerly people!

I’m back with another guest post to take you behind the scenes in the sometimes all-too-mysterious world of book publishing. In my first post last monthwe talked about the acquisitions process: how an editor acquires a book for a publishing house/imprint. Now let’s pick up where we left off and discuss what happens next with that acquisition: the journey from the contract to bookstore shelves.

It’s a longer journey than you might think! One common misconception about publishing is how fast books come to market or go on-sale. People are often surprised that this process typically takes a year or more. (There are exceptions for books that may be newsworthy and have to be rushed out, which is called a “crash” schedule.)

Why does it take so much time? Well, a lot is happening behind the scenes over the course of many months to set up the book to give it its best shot to attract a readership.

The editor’s job is to oversee and coordinate all the facets of that process. In this post, I’ll walk through those steps:

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