Tips when writing a book: Top 10 from Now Novel’s webinars – from Now Novel…

Many tips to remember to when writing a book are shared in writing seminars, interviews, critique circles and webinars around the world. Here are ten curated from Now Novel’s monthly writing webinars where authors from 5 continents come together to discuss writing craft:

Remember these tips when writing a book:

  1. Choose SMART and attainable goals
  2. Create a concrete action plan
  3. Develop your writing voice
  4. Create rich character journeys with arcs
  5. Show more to immerse readers
  6. Use conflict as an engine that drives story
  7. Use POV to help readers live each scene
  8. Do quick and easy research to start
  9. Structure key scenes around action and change
  10. Learn editing techniques to transform drafts

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