Keywords that Actually Sell Books: Broad vs Niche Keywords – By Dave Chesson…

on Kindlepreneur:

After years of analyzing book shopper behaviors and searching patterns on Amazon through Publisher Rocket, it was found that there are MANY search terms that shoppers type in regularly, but don’t end up making a purchase.

And if you think about this, this makes sense.

We’ve all gone to Amazon, made a search, saw that Amazon didn’t present what we were looking for, and so changed the initial search. We keep up this process until we finally find what we are looking for.

But here’s the thing…after analyzing the data, we found that there is actually a pattern that authors can use in choosing the right keywords.

As it stands with books, many shoppers start with a broad phrase or word to describe the book they are looking for, but will then augment and niche down the search term until they find what they want.

This is why there are a lot of keywords that have a high number of searches, but doesn’t directly result in sales.

So, to learn what this means and what actions you should take in order to benefit from this, check out the below article.

In this article, you will learn:

  1. What are broad and niche terms
  2. The buyer’s journey for Amazon book shoppers
  3. How to identify keywords that don’t make sales
  4. Steps to increasing book sales

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