Social Media Videos Go Viral : What Authors Need to Know – by Anna Gray…

on New Shelves:

Video content, both long form and short form, is increasing in popularity on social media and platforms are noticing. People of all ages and demographics want to connect with the content they are consuming and video content makes that much easier. With Instagram’s most recent announcement of a shift towards highlighting video content, it’s important to make sure your marketing strategy is keeping up with current social media trends.

Algorithms tend to favor video content since it keeps people on the app for a longer period of time than a picture or a paragraph of text. This increased interaction with your content will boost your presence on the app. Now this doesn’t mean you want your videos to be as long as possible every single time, but you do want to catch people’s eyes so they stop scrolling to watch. You’ll want to tailor the length and format of the video to the platform you are posting on.

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