What Readers Want…and What They Don’t Posted – by Brian Andrews…

on Career Authors:

Whether you’re a published author or an aspiring one, there’s only one question that should be keeping you up at night and it’s the title of this blog post. Instead of postulating aimlessly, I decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source. I reached out to some of the industry’s most devoted and thoughtful “super” fans for answers.

The individuals quoted in this article are not professional critics, paid influencers, or folks with an agenda to promote. Rather, they are die-hard genre fans who read dozens of books a year, regularly post reviews, and want nothing more than to be thrilled by every page. I asked them two simple questions:

  • What keeps you turning pages when reading a novel?
  • What makes you stop reading a book before the end?

I think their answers will both inform and surprise you…

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2 thoughts on “What Readers Want…and What They Don’t Posted – by Brian Andrews…

  1. In the middle of my “Level of Hell” series, the main characters have to go their separate ways. It was hard to write and I was constantly wiping away tears. I remember thinking, “Is this is what readers want?”

    I can’t say that all my books are like that, just amazed that someone out there thought to poll readers who answered that question.

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