Writing Tricks: Unanswered Questions

K.M. Allan

If you’ve ever read a book you couldn’t put down, chances are one of those reasons is because of unanswered questions.

This fun little writing trick usually pops up in parts of dialogue between characters, or as a throwaway sentence wedged in a paragraph that didn’t seem all that interesting until the question’s asked and the story suddenly gets very intriguing.

That fascination is what you want, no matter the type of book you’re writing. It gives your readers a reason to read on and is a simple yet effective tool for your writing arsenal.

Writing Tricks: Unanswered Questions

To add unanswered questions to your WIP, go through each chapter and look for an organic way to raise a question.

Ideally, you’ll want it to fit in with what’s happening in the story and for the reader to be wondering about the question along with your characters. This is…

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