Author Alert: Has Your Blog Fallen Down and Needs Help? – by Judith Briles…

on The Book Shepherd:

Hey Authors … Has Your Blog Gone Limp?

Are you ready to keep your blogs ALIVE for an entire year? Yup … I mean, not to have to wonder WHAT you are going to be writing this week … or next?

Have you ever had one of those days when you just couldn’t think what your blog was going to be? Can’t think of a thing … not a single thing … to blog about? Ideas just don’t gel. The words are stuck. Your creativity spark is on dim. Your fingers can’t move. Are you thinking:

Help! My Blog Has Fallen and It Can’t Get Up!

Is that your problem dear author? Would you like 52 plus blog ideas … one for each week for the next year … and maybe, a few extras? Ideas that will get you and your blog a new life?

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3 thoughts on “Author Alert: Has Your Blog Fallen Down and Needs Help? – by Judith Briles…

  1. I posted a comment on her blog. However, I don’t know if it went through. She has one of those captchas. I hate captchas and I’m not good at math and all those dots kept moving when I was trying to count them. I had to try 3 times to get it to look like it was posting.

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