Want a Stronger Manuscript? Read It Aloud – by Becca Puglisi…

Editing freaks a lot of people out. Drafting is creative and inspirational, and every writer LIVES for that moment when you get into the groove and the words just flow. But editing is kind of the opposite. It’s analytical, with a rigid set of rules that have to be followed. I think this is why so many writers say it’s their least favorite part of the process.

I’m one of those weird people who love the revision stage. LOVE. IT. It’s one reason I started our monthly Phenomenal First Pages contest. I really like reading a passage of writing and picking it apart, examining it from a macro and micro perspective to see how it can be improved.

In the entries that I critique, I see a lot of the same mistakes, which means I offer a lot of the same suggestions. And one bit of advice that I say A LOT is Read your work aloud. It’s one of those little practices that are so simple but can help your story in huge ways.

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3 thoughts on “Want a Stronger Manuscript? Read It Aloud – by Becca Puglisi…

  1. The dog has become used to me reading my work out loud. She doesn’t even prick her ears any more. For me, reading aloud serves a number of functions: it allows my brain to see what’s actually on the page, and it allows my ear to pickup awkward sentence structure. If I can’t read a sentence out loud without stumbling, it needs work.

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