Will Grammarly Replace An Editor And Proofreader? – by Derek Haines…

on Just Publishing Advice:

Yes, it’s considered by many as the most popular writing tool. But can Grammarly replace an editor?

How we write and check our writing is changing so fast because of all the online apps and tools we use.

We might not think about artificial intelligence (AI), but it’s the brain behind many of the writing tools we use today.

But can AI compete with a human editor or proofreader? The best answer is yes, but with reservations.

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15 thoughts on “Will Grammarly Replace An Editor And Proofreader? – by Derek Haines…

  1. I read the article and the actual answer to the lede question is, no … but what it can do is replace several editing runs, which frees us the writer’s time and brain cells to focus on the runs (or read-throughs) that do require subjective and objective authorial decisions. 🙂

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  2. As time will come i will trust in humans! 😉 Just trying to connect my airless devices to the new router. All was fine, only the print-scan-device wants to discuss with me. Really! I inserted the WLAN-key, and two minutes later – i forget this box is able to print – it answered me not by displaying on the small screen. No! It printed me the answer on two sheets of paper. Lol Michael

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  3. This is interesting. I’ve downloaded grammarly twice before but then deleted it because it always wanted me to upgrade. It can get quite annoying 😂

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  4. I’ve been using it for ten months. It’s more detailed than Microsoft word, and what I like is that it tells you your common errors. Like Cheryl said, you can choose not to use the suggestions-some of the word replacements don’t always fit the context.
    Will it replace an editor? No, but it will allow you to send them something that won’t make them cringe as much.

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  5. While it IS a cool editing tool, it is NOT perfect. I have it and use it to edit the magazine, my personal works, and recently to a manuscript for someone else. I had to police the process all the way through. It doesn’t always give me the proper instructions. I have to decide if it is a good choice to use its suggestion. I have the free version and I DO endorse it but with the strong suggestion to not rely on it completely.

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