Identifying Your Reader – by Christina Delay…

on Writers Helping Writers:

One key factor to any marketing strategy’s success is knowing who your audience is, and yet, this tends to be the main ingredient many of my author clients miss from their marketing process.

In my other life, I run the digital marketing department of a creative firm, and I have a number of Facebook Ads author clients. The main difference between my business clients and my author clients? My business clients tend to know exactly who their customers are, thanks to face-to-face interactions.

My author clients sometimes have an idea of who reads their books, but more often than not, they either

  • don’t have a clue,
  • think they have a clue but are actually way off base, or
  • they’ve pigeonholed their core audience and are missing other potential groups of readers.

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One thought on “Identifying Your Reader – by Christina Delay…

  1. I’m commenting here because the Writers Helping Writers site insists on one’s name, etc. as the price of a comment.
    Having read the article, I don’t see how all those analytics tell you anything about people who buy and/or read your books unless they visit your website, Facebook page, or write you an email saying they bought and read. The analytics produce data about people who visit your website, blog, or social media pages, but there’s no direct one-to-one link with your books. One of the comments to the original post is quite apt, I think.

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