How To Create And Add A ‘Contact Me’ Form To Your WordPress Blog

Another useful tutorial from Hugh 😃

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Every week, I get contacted via the ‘Contact Hugh’ button on my blog’s menu bar. If I didn’t have a way for visitors to my blog to contact me securely, I could have missed many opportunities.

Blogging Tips From Hugh

Many of those who contact me usually ask me questions about blogging.

However, I also get people contacting me with guest posts invitations, information about my books, and even business opportunities to advertise on my blog.

Suppose somebody can not find a secure way of contacting you. In that case, they may well pass on any opportunities they wanted to offer you to somebody else.

Don’t miss out. Have a secure way for visitors to contact you rather than leave an unsecured comment on one of your blog posts.

How To Create a ‘Contact Me’ form.

  • Open Up A New Page On Your Blog.

Open up a new page document

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3 thoughts on “How To Create And Add A ‘Contact Me’ Form To Your WordPress Blog

  1. Very useful. some time ago I gave up trying to get a ‘Contact Me’ form set up on my ‘About Me’ page and just had an email address that had to be C&P’d. … I’m going to have a play around with this. If nothing else it will be good practice wending my way around the new editor! 😀

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