How to Write More in Less Time with Voice Recognition – by Jenna Harte…

on Fiction University:

I know what you’re thinking. Voice recognition is too awkward, too slow, too disruptive to creative flow. I thought the same thing. But then a repetitive strain injury in my fingers forced me to switch to voice recognition.
Almost immediately, I doubled my writing output.
If that sounds intriguing, read on, because I’m going to share what I’ve learned about voice recognition, and how it’s changed my life.

Why are you resistant to voice recognition?

I dismissed voice recognition the few times writers suggested it to me, because:

1. It’s awkward to speak a book

2. The work wouldn’t be as good or creative

3. Speaking interrupts the flow of ideas

4. I’d have to remember to speak punctuation commands

5. It will slow me down

What I discovered about voice recognition is that I got over the awkwardness, the work is just as good, the words still flow, speaking punctuation is as natural as typing it, and, as I already mentioned, it’s faster.

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