Editorial Feedback: Friend or Foe? – by Sherry Howard…

on Fiction University:

There’s mystery and fear around the idea of editorial feedback. 

That might be because just about anyone can call themselves an editor, and some folks have had bad experiences. More on that later. But, more likely, it’s about that writerly insecurity that is a small child inside us cringing while someone looks at our work—our heart.

Like a hierarchy, writers tend to look up to someone who can help them improve their writing. But one of the companies I do some work for said that while editors are respected, writers are the talent with the magic sauce—the voice that makes writing sing. Needless to say, I did a quick needlepoint of that quote and hung it on a wall.

Janice talked about one of her editorial letters a while back. So, visit that post for some basics. I’d like to talk about the broader field of editorial feedback. Editorial feedback can happen in many different formats.

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