HOW TO: Get back to the Old Format WordPress Classic Editor…

Found yourself in the new WordPress Block Editor format?

To get back to the trusted old Classic Editor, try this:

Click on the W My Sites logo, top left of your page.

That brings you to an Admin Overview that has WP Admin at the bottom left of the menu list. 

Click on that.

Now you are in the old WP Admin format Dashboard.

Click on Posts – All Posts

Save the browser address onto your favourites, or Bookmarks (I’ve saved to both)

This new link should get you back to the old format Classic Editor in future

(and hopefully, help your sanity)

21 thoughts on “HOW TO: Get back to the Old Format WordPress Classic Editor…

  1. Hello Chris. I just click the + of the block editor and in the search box type cla . That brings up a classic editor button. Click on it and it puts the classic editor in the block. Click the grey part to get the editor functions and post like before. As long as you keep hitting return to jump down with out hitting the plus sign again you post just like before this horrible nonsense block editor. Hugs

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  2. My version of that last screen has a down arrow (for a list) in the Add New box (after Posts). It’s just to the right of the words “Add New” and it gives me a choice of Block Editor and Classic Editor.

    It may be that it’s on the way for everyone and mine has been one of the earlier updates? (You tend to jump queues if you’re at the start of the alphabet; although I don’t really believe something this technical would depend on something as vintage as the alphabet.)

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  3. Thank you so much, Chris! I read there will be a “Classic Editor Block” you can open, but it sounded like a pain to me. If this works when they change me over, I’ll be indebted to you FOREVER! Saving these instructions, for sure! (This is how I begin all of my new posts, anyway, except for clicking on “Add Post” instead of “All Posts.” So this should be a snap. (Will let you know if I find anything amiss, but I trust you. The Story Reading Ape wouldn’t lie! 😀 😀 😀 )

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