Organization…for Our Creativity and Our Career – by Jami Gold…

You wouldn’t know it by looking at my desk, but I have a natural organizational system. That system is called organized disorganization. *grin* Everything looks disorganized, but I can find what I need…most of the time.

Wherever I am, I tend to accumulate piles of “things” I need to deal with: things to file, things that need follow-up, things I want to dig into, etc.

In person, those “things” build up into literal piles covering the top of my desk. In fact, I still have one massive pile that I haven’t yet unpacked and put away after the chaos of our house flood. And sometimes I’ll have rows of sticky notes covering the edge at the bottom of my computer monitor.

On my computer, I’m not any better, as my browser explodes with 400+ tabs…as I once again accumulate things I need/want to deal with: articles to read and share, advice to try, programs to check out, etc.

Yet for some reason, people assume I can help them with their organizational skills. (I guess I fake being organized well?) So I’ve often received emails asking for my advice or what I do to keep myself organized. *coughs* *waves at the disorganization that’s organized just enoughfor me to find things…usually*

But that’s not terribly helpful, I know. So let me share a few insights into why we might struggle to find a system that works for us, as well as some resources I’ve come across that might help us keep organized.

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