DesignCap Updated Review

Nicholas C. Rossis

Back in November 2019, I reviewed DesignCap, an online tool allowing you to create professional-looking visual material for social media and webpages.

Six months later, I still use DesignCap occasionally, when I need to create stylish visuals quickly.

This update details several new templates and offers by DesignCap, which offer more possibilities to the users. Of special interest to me were infographics and charts, which were recently added to DesignCap’s options.

Whether you are a blogger, content writer, or non-fiction writer, you sometimes need to include statistics, sequence of steps, charts, or even a geographical map in your work.

DesignCap has made all these really easy!

Before I continue with my updated review, please note that I am not in any way affiliated with DesignCap. However, I did ask them to give my readers 3 free subscriptions when I review their changes. Five of my readers won a free…

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