Book Editors (Everything You Need To Know) Updated on May 4, 2020 – by Sean Platt…

on Sterling & Stone:

The relationship between an author and their editor can be one of the most important that any writer can cultivate. The book Max Perkins Editor of Geniusshows just how important that relationship with an excellent editor has been for authors like Thomas Wolfe, Earnest Hemmingway, and F. Scott Fitzgerald. It can be argued that without Perkins, Wolfe would have been utterly unreadable and might never have published a single book. Toni Morrison herself was an editor for Random House and is credited with ushering in and bringing to life numerous titles of tremendous importance that might not have made it to publication without her careful tending and cultivating of each author’s talent.

Yet many in the industry, and especially in the world of indie authors and self-publishing, see editing as an annoying or even unnecessary expense.

Before we get into just how much an editor can do for you, it’s important to understand the different kinds of editors available. The main types are developmental editors, copyeditors, line editors, and proofreaders.

If you go to a developmental editor expecting only proofreading, you will end up wasting a lot of both your and their precious time as well as a lot of your editing budget. Be sure you fully understand what kind of editor you are looking for and what kind of services that editor offers.

Here’s the rundown:

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