How to Fix a Fractured First Draft

Uninspired Writers

Writing a novel comes in stages, firstdrafts to seconds drafts to third drafts, and on it goes. The first draft is always a challenge, and often a mess. So if your first draft is fractured or all over the place, here’s some tips to fix it.

Create a timeline
A timeline is a great way to keep track of how your story moves. You may already have this from the planning stage, but if not, now is a good time. I couldn’t work out what was making my draft so broken, and it turned out to be my lack of knowledge of the timeline. Once I put one in place, everything got easier.
Untitled design (5)Break down each chapter
Copy each chapter into it’s own document. Break it down. Check your opening lines, make sure they will draw the reader in. Bulk out the sparse paragraphs and cut down the ones…

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