How to Write Description Without Going Overboard – by Janice Hardy…

on Fiction University:

Description helps brings a novel to life, but too much of it can choke the life right out of the story. Finding the right balance between description and dialogue can be tricky.

One wonderful and yet annoying aspect of writing, is that there’s no set formula for how much description is necessary. Description levels vary by genre and authors, and even readers have their preferences. Fans of poetically written literary novels typically enjoy richer descriptions than fans of fast-paced thrillers, for example.

How we choose to write the description also plays a role. That thriller can have just as many details in a scene as the literary novel, but how they’re woven into the story will be completely different. The author’s style and voice, as well as the genre’s style, influence the description.

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2 thoughts on “How to Write Description Without Going Overboard – by Janice Hardy…

  1. I’ve read some novels by successful authors in the mystery/adventure/thriller genres whose pages were astonishingly void of advs and adjs. I guess the action gripped the reader and the reader’s imagination replaced descriptions. In my case , artful similes and metaphors really catch my attention and enhance my reading experience. I often copy them on black end pages and transfer them to a list I keep later.

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