Have You Seen This Character? – Guest Post by Traci Kenworth…

There are many different characters we run across in our fiction. Have you seen these characters?

The Invisible Barney: He’s commonplace. Nothing here to inspire. He’s usually a background character who doesn’t have any lines to say. Just a filler basically.

The waitress Jazz: Male or female. There to provide food and clear the table. She/he may have a line or two.

The child Rel: Male or female. Meant to inspire loyalty, love, a sense of belonging. More lines depending on the role. Is the child in danger? A chess piece on the field? The reader starts to pay attention to this sort of character.

The walk-on soldier Ked: He’s seen it all. Been in and out of battles since he was a youth. Sometimes bitter. Hardened. Could be the key to getting out of a trap or know how to win the fight against the Empire.

The token friend Gail: She’s loyal. A bit dizzy. Sometimes gets into more trouble than she knows how to get out off. She needs saved or she knows the secrets the villains want against the protagonist.

The Goblin Knull: Devious. Sour. A cur if there ever was one. He will capture the token friend or child, attack the waitress for food or info, or murder Invisible Barney. In short, if there are dastardly deeds to be hired out, he’s the goblin.

The creature: There to maul, weaken, execute the protagonist’s loved ones. Sometimes from our world, sometimes from another. Not pretty. Absolutely no mercy.

The robot Yude: He can be a lucky solution for a character needing a tech problem solved. He can also be the Terminator’s cousin. Be wary of this character. You never know what you’ll get.

Serial Rob: There to lay destruction to the lives of many people in that town or city. It’s the protagonist’s job to take them down. There are many different layers you could go with this antagonist. Psycho or Sociopath? Loner or team? Best to find out before they tire of you or your loved ones.

Backpack Stevens: He’s the one with all the supplies. Key to survival in combat and times of hunger. Seriously, you won’t get far without Stevens.

The all-knowing mentor. He’s the trainer, the guru. Could be she knows how to take down the empire too. Usually sacrifices his/her life for their padawan.

The soldier/customers/crowd: the nobody’s that fill the background.

Hero Collin: The shining star, the lucky gamble, the chosen one. He may be broken in the beginning of the story but by the time the end comes, he rises above everything to win the day. He may be part anti-hero considering the roles nowadays. Anyway, he gets the job done, saves lives, and wins or loses the girl/guy.

Heroine Sally: The mighty angel, the strong warrior, the crown jewel of the story. She might be broken as well in the beginning. She may not be much of a fighter. The mentor comes in, teaches her how, and she conquers her fears and the army before her. Through hard work, she wins the day, saves her loved ones, and may or may not get the guy/girl.

The god: They can ignite wars, call heroes to their duty, rule the universe. May be good or evil. Demi or otherwise, they’re a bag of tricks.

Traci Kenworth

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