The Horror of the Rushed Ending

Legends of Windemere

Yu Yu Hakusho

A few months ago, I finished reading ‘Yu Yu Hakusho’.  I remember hearing that there was something off about the ending.  Well, I have to agree even though I would recommend the series for any manga/anime fans.  It’s considered a great story for a reason, which means a rushed ending didn’t hurt its longevity.  Although, I know a lot of people who will stop a series at a point where they think it’s a good finale.  Heck, I’ve done that with a few where I didn’t like the last season or story arc.  So, what exactly do I mean by a rushed ending?

This is different than a series being drawn out beyond its story.  A rushed ending is when the story is still going strong and making sense with a clear course towards the final installment.  As you get closer to the end, you start to…

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