Reasons to Seek a Critique Partner

Uninspired Writers

Writing is a solitary art, but there are times when we need to reach out to others. I’ve spoken before about the importance of seeking feedback. Finding a critique partner can  have a huge, positive impact on your life.

What is a critique partner?
A critique partner (CP) is essentially somebody you share work with, in exchange for feedback. They’re sometimes considered to be beta readers, which is usually true, however the partnership aspect means that you both support each other.

How to find a critique partner:
It may seem like a difficult task. I have a couple of incredible CPs, but I didn’t set out to find them. They are writers I interacted with on this blog, their blogs, and social media. The agreement to exchange work happened, and continued. Blogging and social media are an amazing way to connect with writers, and find those who share a…

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