Commonly Confused Words in English – by Writing Explained…

Let’s face it, English can be a confusing language at times. There are hundreds of confusing words in English: words that are separated by just one or two letters or words that sound exactly alike when you say them out loud but have completely different meanings.

That is why I have created this list of commonly confused words with detailed explanations on all of their uses and differences. I have done my best to make my explanations in everyday English, so that anyone and everyone reading these posts will be able to easily understand.

See the full list HERE


5 thoughts on “Commonly Confused Words in English – by Writing Explained…

  1. So pleased to see the list acknowledges that ‘realiZe’ is the British spelling. – somehow realiSe crept into usage and was labelled as British (which I suppose is true because Americans don’t use it) but dictionaries put the ‘z’ as the preferred spelling and was certainly the spelling I was taught in school (back in the mists of time). 🙂

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