Understanding Your Reader’s Needs AND Wants Can Lead To Higher Book Sales – by Joseph C. Kunz, Jr…

Your needs and wants, as an author, can be surprisingly and distinctly different than those of your reader. But, once you realize these differences between you and the reader, you can then focus your attention on truly understanding who your reading audience really is, and what their needs and wants are about. So, here is a short discussion to help you start to define and understand what your reading audience needs and wants in their own life, which is what has led them to you and your non-fiction book.

What You Will Learn In This Post
1. You will learn that your needs and wants don’t necessarily match with those of your readers.
2. You will learn how to begin asking yourself the right questions in order to start better understanding your readers.
3. You will learn how and why understanding the needs and wants of your audience will make you stand out from the crowd.

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