7 Tips to Writing Humanoid Monster Protagonists: Even the Undead Can Have Heart

Legends of Windemere


Not many people try to write a story with a monster as the hero.  Well, you see it for kids a lot.  Paranormal romance enjoys this too, but it rarely happens when you get into the more action-oriented genres.  You might be afraid that people won’t like that you’ve made your monsters into heroes instead of leaving them as destructive beasts.  Well, there are some ways to go about doing this with minimal stress.

  1. Forget what people will say or do.  Write the story.  Edit the story.  Publish the story.  Promote the story.  Answer the questions and stick to your guns because this is what felt right.  If you want the hero to be a crime-solving harpy who lost her wings to a mystical poacher then go for it.
  2. Spend more time focusing on how the monster is human than how they are bestial.  The latter is expected and…

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